Helping you build products and services
 your users will love.

User Experience insights and design on-demand  

Helping you build
digital products and services 
your users will love.

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Imagine how your product or user experience would improve if you had access to UX expertise for discovery and testing, exactly when you needed it.

What if, regardless of your company's size or budget, you could leverage strategic and tactical insights to enhance your product or user experience and  prevent costly mistakes and redesigns in the future.

Improve your
users' experiences 

Frustrated by inefficiency?
Inefficient UX processes make everything painfully long and time-consuming, causing delays and hindering progress.

Feeling the pinch?
We get it—bringing in senior talent can seriously stretch your budget and resources, especially if you're a startup.

Struggling to find UX talent quickly?
Finding the right UX resources fast can be exhausting and time-consuming, draining your energy and delaying progress.

Stuck without flexibility?
Scaling your team up or down to match business demands is challenging when you feel trapped without options.

Uncertain about where to invest in UX?
Startups and companies often struggle to identify which UX areas will yield the best ROI.

We understand your challenges, does any of this sound familiar?






Teams were lacking clarity, focusing on the wrong problems to solve, and building unusable solutions based on untested assumptions, resulting in wasted time, money, and effort.

From startups to larger enterprise clients, we saw our clients struggling with the same challenges—being unable to make the right business and product decisions because they did not have access to UX expertise.

We realised it didn't have to be so difficult. 
There's a better way—a no-fluff, streamlined, efficient, and faster way.

We've seen many teams struggle with this too

guess what...

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Using our Signature method we deliver valuable insights quickly* to enhance your digital user and product experiences. Through streamlined UX discovery, design and testing, we empower you to make informed decisions that positively impact your product and business.

*We aim to deliver insights in 5 - 7 business days

Amplifii's Rapid UX Discovery and Evaluation Method™


The Benefits You Will Enjoy

User-centric insights
and expertise delivered swiftly.

Efficient and Fast 

Clarity and Confidence 

 Minimise project risk
with on-demand UX expertise.

No-surprise monthly
pricing that fits your budget.

Flat Rate Pricing

Manage Risk Flexibly 

Achieve alignment and
focus on the right problems.

Save valuable time and resources with our efficient, fast service.

Discover your users needs, challenges,
problems and opportunities.

Gain actionable insights through our efficient discovery, testing, audits, and evaluations.

Identify the right problems to solve, saving time, money, and effort.

How does this sound?

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How It Works

Choose a plan tailored to your needs and budget, providing the
flexibility and expertise you desire.

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We Onboard you

 We plan, execute
and deliver continuous UX Discovery, Evaluation and Design.

Access UX Expertise

We onboard you and map
out a strategy to meet your
UX Discovery and Evaluation goals.

UX Starter

Lean UX Audits


Discovery User Interviews

Perfect if you're on a budget or looking for UX guidance 

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Lean UX Testing


Identify key issues

Lean insights and recommendation

Continuous user insights

Rapid hypothesis validation


Select a Plan that works for you.

UX Growth

Heuristic Evaluations

Card sorting and IA Testing

Rapid Journey Mapping

Perfect for growing teams,
includes everything in UX Starter

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Standard UX Testing 


Understand user journey

Detailed Insights and Recommendations

Discover Opportunities

Identify user needs and issues


UX Custom 

Leadership Support 

Service Design

Design Thinking

Perfect for comprehensive support, includes everything in UX growth.

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UX and Product Design


Build team and processes

Tailored support to create  seamless experiences

Leadership support

Strategy and problem solving


Best Value!

Continuous Discovery



Flat rate UX insights and design on-demand. Select a Plan that works for you

Rapid Journey Mapping

From interviews to journey mapping

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User Interviews


Understand user journey 

Uncover user behaviours and pain points 

Identify Opportunities

Discover User Needs


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After something else? Find a service that suits your needs.

At Amplifii, we care about deeply understanding your unique needs and nurturing a lasting relationship. We kickstart our partnership with a complimentary Discovery and Evaluation Blueprint workshop.

We dive deep into your business, get clear on your goals and desired outcomes, and map a strategy to help you meet those goals.

Read our case study on how a leading Australian University benefited from the Discovery and Evaluation Blueprint Workshop.

Discovery and Evaluation
Strategy Blueprint 


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Users we have engaged for UX Discovery and Evaluation 


We've built digital product experiences
for 100 m+ users worldwide
Years of industry experience


A bit about our team's experience
A bit about our team's experience
A bit about our team's experience
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Why wouldn't I just hire a full-time UX researcher or a contractor?

Hiring an experienced Senior UX professional is not only costly, with salaries ranging from $160,000 to $180,000 plus benefits, but also time-consuming. The process involves extensive candidate searches, multiple interviews, offers, and onboarding. Finding a candidate with both deep research experience and strong product design skills is exceptionally challenging. 

Amplifii's plan offers a powerful solution, helping you save at least 30-50% or more of these costs, while providing top-tier UX expertise. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Amplifii's Rapid Discovery and Evaluation Method?

Amplifii's Rapid UX Discovery and Evaluation Method was created to provide value quickly to clients. Developed with the right combination of processes, methods, and tools, it efficiently generates actionable customer insights through UX Discovery and Evaluation. This method is crafted to be quick, drawing from over 20 years of industry experience in user experience, service design, strategy, and systems thinking.

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What is User Experience (UX)?

User Experience (UX) refers to the overall interaction and perception a person has when using a product, system, or service. It includes usability, accessibility, performance, and desirability. Investing in UX design is essential for creating seamless, satisfying user experiences that drive business success.