About Amplifii

Amplifii Experiences was created to amplify the voices and lived experiences of the people we design digital products and experiences for.

We are passionate about understanding peoples' challenges, problems, and needs. We make high-quality UX discovery, testing, audits, and design accessible to teams of all sizes and budgets. 

Our UX design approach prioritises practical, user-centered solutions that meet business goals and user goals effectively.

We are Pragmatic

We apply creative problem-solving techniques to tackle complex business and product challenges and innovate. 


Empathy is essential for uncovering users' needs and opportunities and building powerful experiences.

We are empathetic

Technology has the power to create a lot of good in the world. The power to connect people and the power to change lives. Sadly, the world is filled with too many poor user experiences from AIUX to employee systems. We want this to change.

We are a team of UX consultants led by Taryn D'Souza, founded with a vision to collaborate with companies and build powerful product and user experiences. Our mission is to democratise access to high-quality UX research, discovery, testing, audits, and design for companies of all sizes and budgets.

Our signature Rapid UX Discovery and Evaluation Method is an efficient, affordable, no-fluff approach to enhancing user experiences. We empower both startups and established companies to invest in UX, helping them avoid costly mistakes and unnecessary redesigns.

We provide clarity, helping teams focus on solving the right problems and building effective solutions based on well-tested assumptions, saving time, money, and effort.

Designed digital learning experiences for General Electric, Microsoft, Hyperion and Caterpillar Inc.

Meet Taryn 

Taryn's passion for creating seamless user experiences ignited early in her career. With over two decades of experience, she has partnered with global companies like SEEK, NYSE, Microsoft, IMF, WorldBank, Citigroup, GE, DHS, Medibank, Deakin and various universities, crafting frictionless digital product experiences for 100s of millions of users worldwide.

With a Master’s in Psychology, Taryn leverages her deep understanding of human behaviour to enhance user experience. She developed the Amplifii Rapid UX Discovery and Evaluation Method™  to address the inefficiencies of traditional UX practices, aiming to streamline and improve the UX discovery, evaluation, and design process.

Her mission is to democratise access to UX expertise and help companies of all sizes and budgets build powerful user experiences that truly improve human lives. 

A Few Career Highlights

Designed the new Bangkok International Airport kiosk.

Seek - Led strategic and tactical experience design initiatives across SEEK's candidate marketplace, hirer marketplace and native apps. 

Led the redesign of the Department of Human Services (DHS) website, creating a unified user experience utilised by millions of Victorians.

Led experience design projects for Department of Human Services (DHS)Mercy Health, DPCD, Information VictoriaTarget, British Petroleum, Medibank and KMART.

Jora Local (a SEEK start up) - Led user experience design for both sides of the marketplace, shaped the startup's vision, explored strategic opportunities, and directed hypothesis-driven, iterative design efforts.

Mentor at Girls in Tech, Australia, Camp SEEK, and Go Girl for IT, encouraging girls and women to pursue careers in STEM.

2019 -2024

General Assembly - Taught 3 cohorts of the User Experience Immersive.

Deakin University - Enhanced employee and student experiences across platforms, channels and touch points.


Led user experience design projects for The World Bank, IMF, New York Stock Exchange, SIAC and Citigroup.

2009 - 2011

Worked in US+ASIA

2000 - 2004

2019 - 2024


Founded Amplifii Experiences, leveraging over 20+ years of expertise, systems, tools, and insights to empower teams in creating exceptional digital user experiences.

Consulted for startups and organisations like General Assembly, Deakin University, and the University of Melbourne.



Founder, Amplifii Experiences

2004 - 2008

Starting Out

Moved to Australia