Frequently Asked Questions

Who takes care of the user recruitment and incentives?

There are two recruitment options:
Option 1 - You likely have access to a diverse group of users and participants, enabling you to take the lead in recruitment activities.

Option 2 - Collaboration with a recruitment agency for participant recruitment.

Who are the Amplifii team?

Our team of UX designer and researcher consultants is led by Taryn D'Souza, who brings over 20 years of industry-leading experience. We leverage insights from our work with SEEK, NYSE, Deakin, Melbourne University, Citigroup, DHS, IMF,
World Bank, Medibank, Kmart, Target, Microsoft, GE and more.

What does the offer exclude?

User recruitment and incentive costs are excluded from our standard offering; however, we can provide support for user recruitment at an additional cost.

Will this work for my product or industry?

Our Discovery and Evaluation methodology is industry and product agnostic. It is versatile and works
across industries and products, delivering exceptional results regardless of the products or the industry.

What is Continuous UX Discovery?

Our continuous UX discovery service, featuring user interviews, journey mapping, workshops, and surveys, provides ongoing insights into user needs and behaviours. This helps you make informed decisions, enhance user satisfaction, and keep your digital products aligned with evolving expectations.

What is Continuous UX Testing?

Do you offer UX Discovery training?

Yes we train individuals and teams in UX Discovery, Design, Research and Evaluation methods.

Continuous UX testing includes usability testing, assumption testing, and concept and user testing. This ongoing process helps you identify issues, prioritize features, optimize interactions and experiences, and evaluate the visibility and desirability of your digital products.

Do you provide UX design support?

Absolutely! With our Custom plan, we work closely with you to understand your unique needs and provide tailored support to meet your specific requirements.

Are you embedded in a team?

We work closely with teams to provide valuable insights and achieve successful outcomes. Our method recognises the importance of collaboration and is structured to facilitate it effectively. We are not embedded in teams in the UX Starter and UX Growth, this approach allows us to operate efficiently. In our Custom tier, we can become integrated into a team as needed, customising our approach based on the client's requirements.

How fast will I receive my insights?

We aim to deliver all insights in 5 - 7 business days. More complex requests may take longer.