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Improving Employee and Customer Services

A digital transformation journey at an Australian University

“The insights uncovered were powerful.
Your discovery work is going to be instrumental during the delivery phase.”

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Manager at a large Australian University.

'Thank you for your hard work and detailed insights. This is so incredible."

A Director at a large Australian University.

At a prestigious Australian university, the Customer Services (CS) team serves as the primary resource for information and access to a wide array of services offered by various departments. The team embarked on a digital transformation journey, aiming to enhance the digital experiences of both staff and students. The core objective of this research was to assess and enhance the experiences of staff and students as they handle student queries through diverse channels and touch points across the university. 

The Rapid UX Discovery and Evaluation Method allowed the project team to:
- Gain insights into staff workflows and their work environment
- Uncover challenges and pain points faced by staff and students
- Understand the needs of staff and students
- Identify manual workarounds utilised by staff
- Identify valuable opportunities for improvement.

Worked closely with the product team and business stakeholders, implementing a human-centred design approach that included:
- Discovery and Evaluation Blueprint Workshop
- Staff 1:1 contextual interviews  
- Staff Journey Mapping 
- Eco system Mapping
- 1:1 Student Interviews 
- Detailed Insights and recommendations documented on the Dovetail Insights repository that informed the transformation project
- Survey design

Discovery strategy workshops were conducted to gain a thorough understanding of the business goals and priorities and uncover how the transformation project strategy fits within the broader business strategy. These workshops enabled us to understand the business goals, challenges, priorities and technology considerations for the project.

This study offered the business and project team a profound understanding of the background, context, processes, flows, challenges, and pain points within the Customer Services Enquiries space. 

The study identified 18 key opportunity areas, such as search and system performance, each containing multiple issues and opportunities. In total, over 100 opportunities were mapped to user stories in Jira, and the implementation team is actively addressing them.

The insights gained from the study helped the team understand what was working well and the challenges staff and students experienced in relation to requesting, managing, and resolving enquiries. Additionally, it provided a clear understanding of the needs of staff and students in relation to the transformation project. The analysis of current workflows and systems uncovered needs, pain points, opportunities, and high-level requirements.

The study also revealed the negative impact of these challenges on staff productivity, efficiency, and satisfaction. Manual workarounds employed by staff highlighted the inefficiency of existing processes and systems.

All insights and recommendations were documented and shared within the Dovetail Research repository, providing a wealth of issues and opportunities for the product and technical teams to focus on during the implementation and development phases.

User profiles (light personas) were created for the primary users to aid the project team in comprehending the challenges, objectives, and requirements of the people they were creating solutions for.

These profiles enabled the team to grasp staff and student experiences, predict their requirements, and provide exceptionally tailored, personalised experiences that enhance satisfaction and loyalty.


1:1 Staff Contextual interviews paired with journey mapping was incredibly useful in understanding the staff experience and uncovering significant pain points. These interviews and the journey mapping workshops were instrumental in providing the client and project team a deep understanding of how staff currently receive, assign and resolve enquiries.

User Profiles

The primary goal of the student 1:1 in depth interviews was to understand and evaluate the experience of students as they resolve their queries across different channels and touch points.
These interviews enabled the project team to gain an understanding of the
- Studentsʼ experiences booking and resolving enquiries across the different channels.
- Preferences for specific channels to raise enquiries vs others.
- The language students use when they seek to answer their questions and enquiries.
- Students needs when booking and resolving enquiries across the different channels.
- Students propensity to self serve.



DISCOVERY and Evaluation Blueprint  WORKSHOPS

Staff 1:1 Contextual interviews and Journey Mapping

students 1:1 interviews

Lack of a deep understanding of challenges faced by staff and students and their impact.
Deep understanding of challenges, work context, manual workarounds, problems and opportunities.
Lack of understanding of manual workarounds used by staff.
Lack of understanding of staff and student needs.

Staff Journey Map
Blurred to hide insights

Example of User Profiles

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